Avanguard Creatives is a company of creative professionals that bridge the gap between brand and people.
Avanguard Creatives is a film and video production company catering to the production of video marketing and advertising materials. It offers its services to brands, companies, and businesses in need of video marketing and communication materials. 

Avanguard believes in inspiring people by showcasing an individual, a group, a brand, or a company's story that aims to change the lives of the people they care about through the products, services, lifestyles, and commodities that they offer. The company in itself is the platform and the canvass onto which a story is shown.

'Avanguard' comes from the root words "Avant," meaning 'culturally and stylistically advanced,' "Avant-Garde," meaning 'a group of people who develop new and often very surprising ideas in art, literature, etc,' and "Vanguard," meaning 'the group of people who are the leaders of an action or movement in society.' When combined, Avanguard stands for "A group of culturally advanced people who are the leaders of the art movement" 


No doubt, Avanguard Productions is a group of flawless professional! Very helpful, industrious, enthusiastic and innovative! While respectful of our own directions, the team provided us with creative and technical suggestions, treating our project with utmost attention and care. The hard work and talent the team put into our Pares Retiro short story project is truly evident in the finished product! Our investment in Avanguard Productions' services has paid for itself through increased market presence. I will definitely recommend them to anyone with video production needs!

Mark Vivas

Pares Retiro

These guys are the best. Easy to work with, easy to talk to, and easy to get around with. You tell them what you need and they give you even more! Kudos to this team.

Ziggy Chavez


Business Opportunities

Avanguard Creatives is proud for the continuing loyalty and commitment to its partners. The company strives to build a lasting relationship, helping to develop each other along the way. Avanguard Creatives always considers every unique narrative and help build up stories that matter. The professionals are experts that deliver results customized to individual needs and build brand awareness that leads to opportunities.